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Rob Garza on "We Live in a Streaming World"

Rob Garza sat down with Om Malik to talk about the current state of music:

"It’s very interesting, how we value music these days. In some way’s music has lost a lot of its value, and the emotional bond that you would have with a record back in the day.

You would put it on, you would read the liner notes, you would spend the afternoon with it. You maybe listen to it a couple times and you would try to understand this particular piece of art. Now what people do — I’m even guilty of it — you have every song that you’ve ever loved on your iPod or iPhone.

I go through and I’ll listen to 30, 40 seconds of 30 different songs without getting to have, that emotional bond that I would if I actually put on a piece of vinyl, and just sit in a room and listen and connect with the whole experience of, say an album, which is kind of a foreign concept today because a lot of it is built on popularity on iTunes or Spotify, which songs are more popular by a particular artist.

That kind of connection doesn’t really exist the way that it did back in the day. With this new record, I think that we wanted to kind of explore a form of music, that’s very inspirational to us and just really dive into it. We wanted to dive into it as a whole album, rather than just one or two songs on the B side of a record."

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