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Palace of Mirrors is Magnetic Moons first release. Magnetic Moon is the brainchild of Rob Garza from Thievery Corporation. The first track, “Re Mana” features Indian vocalist Vasuda Sharma hailing from Mumbai who Rob connected with through Andy MacKaye (Bombay Dub Orchestra) on his travels in India. Her voice is ethereal and otherworldly, floating on in with a dark-tech house groove. The first remix features Rob’s fellow DC natives, Nadastrom, keeping it deep and sexy. The second remix brings the stylings of UK dwellers Psychemagik, offering up a stellar tripped out floor-groover. “Palace of Mirrors” also features Vasuda, bringing a beautiful and lush transcendental house vibe. The fields of Oaxaca inspired “Blue Agave Fields” and it's deep bass and a desert like dub atmosphere. “Hide the Sunlight” features the voice of Tenerife resident Sutja Gutiérrez. Rob and Sutja met virtually through Soundcloud after he messaged him - a true testament to the kismet of the modern ‘industry’. Sutja’s voice and the track’s instrumentation will have you vibing out with their 90’s underpinnings- rounding out this inaugural offering for Magnetic Moon.