Your Calling feat. Stee Downes


" Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation has been trickling out singles in the lead up to his new EP, Dissolve. Today we have the premiere of the latest song from the new release, “Your Calling.” The song features the passionate vocals of Stee Downes, an Irish electronic artist, featuring colorful vocals that give the track an uplifting quality – “This is our time / belonging / sunrise guides us through this morning / It’s the night skies / dissolvin’ / Keep on movin’ / it’s your calling.”

The vocals give the song a bit of an R&B vibe, though by the time the song hits the one minute mark it has completely transitioned into a full on club assault. It’s a song that is ideal for the dancefloor, with a danceable groove, uplifting melodies and a fast pace. Meanwhile, the lyric video offers up more positive vibes with the vocalist’s uplifting sentiments.

Based in San Francisco, Garza is a co-founding member of the now-legendary electronic group Thievery Corporation. That group became famous for their infusion of world influences into an electronic template, standing out from their peers and pushing the boundaries of the genre. As a solo artist, he has explored nu-disco and house influences, returning to his electronic roots after touring the world with his main project.

“When I first came to San Francisco, I returned to my electronic roots in the dance community while also spending a great amount of time in Mexico, where there is a great dance music scene” Garza said in a press release. “There’s so much going on in terms of people taking influences from all these different genres—like house and dub and new wave and disco—and putting it all together in a way that’s very new and original and inspiring to my own music.” "