Your Calling EP

Rob Garza & Neighbour’s Your Calling was first inspired by their sunrise sets at Shambhala Music Festival in 2014. Playing one after the other to thousands of inspired music lovers created the beginnings of their bond. The collaboration moved from the stage to studios in San Francisco and Neighbour’s own studio in Vancouver where the creative process flowed naturally. During these studio sessions both Garza and Neighbour learned of one another’s affinity for Stee Downes’ collaboration with Lovebirds on "Want You In My Soul." His vocal styling can be heard on “Your Calling” bringing soulful and witty vibes with a classic delivery. “Morning Chant” features Yacoba Diarra on vocals and the ngoni, the West African lute. Yacoba is a true troubadour, whom Bay Area natives may recognize from their commutes on the BART. “Morning Chant’” is layered with West African tribal grooves destined to punctuate summer sunrise sets this year.

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