Calle del Espiritu Santo

While touring the continent last festival season, collaborators Rob Garza and Neighbour found themselves inspired by the culture of music and rebellion they found in the most unlikely places. "Calle Del Espiritu Santo" started as a working title from a place that held the festive spirit they both were vibing - a street in the Malasana neighborhood of Madrid where, as Rob remembers, underground culture congregates to party without judgment.

A sonic echo of the spirit that the region brings, "Calle Del Espiritu Santo" features a new original track alongside four remixes. The original version features a solid strut of a rhythm accented by funky guitars, deep house bass lines, chiming keys, a shimmering acid line, and a good helping of synth and delay effects. Rob Garza’s Malasana Mix offers a darkened version with increased low-end action and drama. Space Ranger’s cosmic take includes buzzing synths and introspective arpeggiations to find a place with audiences who are ready rise in movement like a flight above the dance floor. South American producer Julian Sanza contributes his flowing, dreamy rework that perfectly envelops the feeling of a decent into an after-hours euphoria. South American producer Phunktastike closes out the journey with a hypnotizing rework using filtered guitars for a dubbed-out, sleek treatment.

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We are sharing the spirit of Calle Del Espiritu Santo with the free download of Rob Garza's Malasana Mix.